Hi!  So you’re interested in developing a better relationship with your voice, that’s fantastic!

You can check out my FAQs for all the common questions I get from new enquiries (e.g: no, you don’t have to be able to read music. Yes, everyone can learn to sing. Yes, I work in person as well as online.)

From here, the first step is to have a chat with me about your journey with your voice so far, your goals & desires for the future, and hear about what I offer, to find out together whether I’ll be a good match for your needs.

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If you can’t see a time that works for you in the month ahead,
please email me at and let me know what days & times work for you, and I’ll see what I can arrange for you

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After the Discovery Call, you’ll receive a link to be able to book full sessions with me.

Detailed Info Docs
Sucker for the details?  Want to know all the ins and outs of what to expect?  I also have a document which goes into more detail about what to expect in sessions with me, my approach & how I work.  Click here for the full info.


Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

– Bec





Our 1:1 work together will be supported & enhanced by my online library of video lessons & a multitude of other resources.

The Living Voice Library was created to help keep costs down for my clients and improve your experience, by speeding up the process of learning & deepening your integration of the info & techniques.

Instead of wasting the time you’re paying for in our sessions with me reciting information at you, in between our 1:1 sessions you can watch the video lessons (and re-watch as many times as you need) to learn the info, techniques, and exercises; then in our sessions (which can be much shorter now I don’t take up the time with all the info) we get to the good stuff – you using your voice, and me using my expertise to analyse and help you overcome your challenges and fine-tune your voice to find the sound and sensations you’re looking for, with as much ease as possible.

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Monthly membership to the LVL includes:

  • My entire 3-part library of pre-recorded video lessons, guided processes, and other resources.

    This includes the TECHNIQUE library: essential concepts, techniques, and exercises to enable you to overcome your vocal frustrations & limitations, access sounds you never knew you could make, and other musical skills.

    The MINDSET & MOMENTUM library guides you through supportive structures & processes to help you get started, and keep going, on your vocal journey. To get the most out of it, both in progress and enjoyment!

    The ARTISTRY & PERFORMANCE library covers creativity & expression, as well as skills for performing & building a career in the music industry if that’s something you’d like to do.

  • Regular “Live Voices” office hours on Zoom (non mandatory. Held at varying times, for those with varied schedules or in other timezones).
    This is when you can get feedback & adjustments on how you’ve been practicing the exercises & techniques, ask me all your questions, or even practice performing your song in front of the group (not required, just optional!)

  • Weekly (non-mandatory) check-ins, automatically sent to your inbox as a quick questionnaire to maintain accountability & momentum (and as an opportunity to send feedback & express your needs)

  • The Living Voices Community, where we can share resources, get ideas & feedback from your fellow vocal artists & athletes,
    and of course you have access to me to ask your questions and get guidance.


Not sure whether the Living Voice Library will suit your needs? Book in for your Discovery Call so we can discuss what’s best for your vocal journey.