– Bachelor of Music & Diploma of Music Performance
in contemporary voice
– Estill Voice Training Figure Proficiency


This is where I’m supposed to write about myself in 3rd person, describing why I’m awesome. But really, you can probably best get to know me & my vibe by checking out my Instagram, my Facebook, or my YouTube.

I was born in ’89, I sang before I could speak and basically never shut up after that. I had voice lessons from a young age, and studied music (primarily jazz) at uni but had a lot of questions about how the voice worked that never got answered for me there… so since graduating I’ve continued to learn as much as I can about the voice, the human body, brain, and nervous system, the creative process, and everything else that informs my ability to both sing & create myself, as well as guide others in doing so.

I never thought I would want to be a teacher until I started doing it (way back in 2011) and totally fell in love… it’s endlessly rewarding for me to see people’s eyes light up when they hear their voice do something it’s never done before, to surprise them with their own abilities, to give them permission to express themselves, to empower them with tools & confidence, and most of all just have a ton of FUN playing with our voices! I’m endlessly grateful that I get to make my “day job” something that I love so much and that directly relates to my passion for art, music, and singing. I also love that my work keeps me on my toes; every person I work with is so different, every session is full of new surprises and unique challenges.

Notable Performance Experience

– Backing vocalist for Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) on his 2014 Everyday Robots Australian tour (Palais Theatre Melbourne, Sydney Opera House)
– Original project under the name Tilley since 2011, including albums Songs From A Cold Island (2012) and close. (2018)
– Jazz performance including with band Blue In Green, pianist Tom Vincent, pianist Adam Rudegeair
– Vocals for Robin Fox‘s soundtrack for feature film Guilty (2017)
– Member of the ARIA-nominated Southern Gospel Choir (2006 – 2014) including as a featured soloist, and 2014 tour to the USA (Dallas TX, Tuskegee AL, and Los Angeles CA).

Interests & hobbies

Musical: Funk, soul, glam rock, jazz, folk, extended technique & improvisation
Artistic: Performance art, poetry & writing, photography, dance, drawing & painting
Physical: Natural/functional movement, kettlebells & strength training, neurology, trauma & the nervous system, embodiment practices, yoga
other: Philosophy, psychology, pleasure, dark chocolate, motorcycling.

Bec singing backing vocals for Damon Albarn at the Sydney Opera House, 2014

Why “voice coach” rather than “singing teacher”?

Some of what I do does indeed involve teaching. But I’ve never been totally comfortable with the idea of being a “teacher”.
(Maybe because I didn’t really fit in well in traditional schooling.)
“Teacher” and “student” implies a hierarchical relationship; I have the knowledge, I am imparting it to you from above, your job is to listen and learn.
That’s not really how I work.

To me, being a “coach” means we are working together; I am a guide on your journey who has maybe walked this path before. I am here to show you the resources, the tools, to coach you through learning to use them, and to be with you in your experience, revelations, and challenges.
I learn as much from my clients as they learn from me.

As for “singing”, sometimes I work with people who don’t want to sing – they want to work on their speaking voice.
“Voice” also speaks to more than just the sound that comes out of our mouths. Think of the wider meanings & implications of the word voice.
The way we sound can affect what expression is available to us, and how we feel about ourselves as singers and speakers.
But our voice is more than just our sound. It is an expression of who we are, what we think, how we feel.
Voice is a vehicle from the internal to the external.
Voice is a tool for change in the world.
How do you use your voice, in every part of your life?

Where can I see you sing?

I have always chosen deliberately to keep my work as a musician & artist quite separate from my work as a vocal coach. You won’t see any examples of my singing here, because this site is not about me and my voice – it’s about YOU, and how I can best serve YOUR voice. I think my client testimonials speak to this much better than some video of me showing off my vocal chops.
That being said, I am not shy about my own abilities, and if you really want to find my work, I am sure you will have no trouble… this is the internet, after all.