Welcome!  If you’re looking for info about my vocal coaching work, below you’ll find the answers to many of the questions I hear from new enquiries.

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Ultimately, the best way to find out whether I’ll be a good fit for your needs is to book in a Discovery Call, so we can chat about your history with your voice, and where you’d like to go from here.

All the info about that & booking link is here:  Get Started

You may also like to check out my videos on YouTube, my Instagram, and my Facebook to get more of a feel for my values, approach, and whether I’m someone you’ll vibe with!

Sucker for the details?  I also have a document which goes into more detail about what to expect in sessions with me, my approach & how I work.  Click here for the full info.



My approach is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals, however often the focus is on anatomy-based vocal technique, to empower you to have an understanding and control of your instrument.  We can also work on the performance, artistry, and mindset side of singing.  I have learnt many techniques from many different teachers, coaches, and courses over the years and will personalise my approach to best suit your learning style and goals!  Click here for my “Session Menu”, which outlines some of the wider topics we can cover.

In terms of technique, some of the material we can cover includes:

How your vocal folds (aka vocal cords) actually produce sound

What your voice is actually doing when you go between “head voice”, “chest voice”, “falsetto” etc, and how to control these changes and access areas of your voice you haven’t previously been able to sing in

Smoothing over the passagio/break/bridge between registers

What vocal techniques you are already using and what your habits & default settings are

What causes vocal damage and how to prevent it

How to get more strength/power/volume from the voice

How to make high notes easier, less strained, and better-sounding

Increased vocal control and agility

How to utilise a wide palette of vocal colours/tones/timbres for a variety of styles

Healthy & functional breathing for different kinds of tasks

Enunciation & clarity

Postural alignment & releasing extraneous tension

How to analyse your own voice and self-assess, as well as analyse other singers


Moving away from mimicking, and finding your own sound

Vocal and physical stretches, warm-ups, and vocal health practices

Getting comfortable on stage, performance technique, microphone technique, preparing for a performance

Getting past that one area of your voice that frustrates you, whatever it may be!