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Are you looking for fun and relaxed vocal coaching that leads to real results & understanding?


“In the past I have travelled many times to USA to have very expensive lessons with some of the biggest celebrity vocal coaches.   Even though I tried many famous vocal coaches and their methods for many years, the results would vary and would not last long.[…]  The improvement in 1-2 months with Bec was more than most of my years combined under other leading voice coaches.”
– Nick

My role is to help you to become better friends with your voice (and perhaps by association, better friends with yourself).  
You’re here because you want a tailored approach made for your specific needs, goals, desires, and interest.  If you’d like to learn vocal technique based in science, how the different parts of your vocal instrument work, and how to control them independently to get the specific sound you’re looking for, in an easeful, safe & healthy way… you’re in the right place.
“Ten lessons down and I progressed far more rapidly and learnt more about how to sing well, than I have in all my life.  Bec’s thorough understanding of your voice’s anatomy, and the mechanisms that drive it, really help to build a solid foundation for improvement.
I have been seeing Bec for lessons for over a year now and I have learnt so much about my own voice that I never knew before, and I’ve surprised myself with what I can actually do with my voice.”
Mikyla Parsons
Bec with performer clients Emily Wurramara (TAS) and Mo’Ju (VIC)
As we work on technique, applying it to the songs you love singing, you may then want to work on your artistry – the options that are available to you, using different techniques, to make unique aesthetic choices and craft the song into your own personal interpretation.
Performance technique & stagecraft is another skill you may be interested in learning. We can talk about how to be on stage, how to connect to an audience, mic technique, preparing for recording sessions, and more. 
And weaving through it all, your mindset and inner world informs your experience of singing.  The way we think and feel is the way we move and sing.  Your beliefs affect your body and your voice, no doubt about it – and working on each of them supports the other. If you’re interested, we can delve into this side of things – your mindset, beliefs, and what to expect during the creative process, so that you feel empowered and well-equipped to deal with the inevitable ups and downs.

“You’re right that having a demystified understanding of vocal technique is helpful, but the most important thing I’ve got out of lessons with you is a sense of peace with how I sound now, and a sense of playfulness to explore how I might sing in different ways.   […]    The transition from perfectionism to playfulness has fundamentally changed the way I approach singing.  […]  I’ve really appreciated the directness of your technical method, but that attitude shift was even more valuable than any set of techniques.”
Pippa Williams

Of course, there is so much more we can discuss – songwriting, music business & industry, networking, working with other musicians, music theory and history, listening & analysis – the possibilities are endless when we get curious, and I am happy to lead you and/or let you lead the direction of your sessions, as we explore the world of music & your voice together.
My work is trauma-informed and I maintain regular professional development in vocal technique & anatomy, physical alignment & health, psychology & neurology, and coaching & mindset.
This is my first attempt at singing, so I was terrified and worried about falling into lame scales and boring singing exercises.  […]  What makes Bec exceptional is that she does not tell you the “right” way to sing, but rather explains different singing styles and fully understands what is happening in all of the components of the vocal instrument.  Most importantly, she teaches how to avoid injuries and her classes are very fun!”
Simon Salinas

What I don’t do:

I don’t give “scales for scales’ sake”.  
Every exercise that I teach has a specific purpose and way that it will benefit you, and I make sure that you understand that purpose (or else you’re unlikely to feel motivated to practice). 
I don’t require that you sing any particular type of music.
If you want some recommendations of repertoire, I’m happy to offer some suggestions that might suit your voice and taste, but I want you to sing the music YOU want to sing.  
I don’t require a certain amount of practice
and I don’t guilt-trip if you haven’t practiced as much as you intended to. There is always more we can learn, more we can discuss, ways we can use your voice to get some joy, even if you’ve had a busy and difficult week.
I don’t require that you perform
or move in any particular direction with your singing. While I offer performance opportunities, endeavour to create a sense of supportive community among everyone I work with, and love connecting my students with my excellent contacts in the industry if that’s desirable for you… all this stuff is optional. If you just want to sing in your house purely for your own enjoyment, that is reason enough for me!
I don’t teach “diaphragmatic breathing” or encourage you to take deep breaths. 
In my early years of learning, the message I overwhelmingly received was “more air = better”, both on the in breath and the out breath.  I had to unlearn this once I started studying science-based technique.  For loud, high sounds like belting, and many other vocal qualities, using a lot of air will make it harder to sing, and can potentially cause fatigue & damage to the voice. As with all kinds of effort, we want to use the right amount for the task – not more, not less. We can look at reducing tensions that may be interfering with your breath, so that you can just let go and let your breath take care of itself.
Curious to learn more? Check out my FAQ or click here to book a Discovery Call and have a chat about whether my approach will be right for you & your vocal needs.


Bec’s lessons are always an excellent learning experience which are fun first and foremost every time I go!  I particularly like (and am fascinated by) her attention to detail.  She is able to detect minute details in my singing which I would have never noticed on my own.  Whatever she helps me tweak seems to go a long way and she is amazing at explaining and breaking down her techniques. “
Alicia S

“I’d never had voice training before, I’m not a musician, and I have no interest in joining a choir. This was my first experience of this, and I couldn’t have found a better person to guide and instruct than Bec Tilley.  I was nervous and apprehensive for a bit, but Bec has an easy empathic manner, and although clearly in full command of her subject, never judgemental or critical; instead, she had tips, techniques, and advice to counter or improve vocal habits of a lifetime that were influencing and impinging the quality of my voice. I never left a lesson less than exultant, from the singing, from the challenge, from the new knowledge, and especially from hearing Bec sing herself, right next to me, in her remarkable voice.”

– Adam Sime


Who do I work with?

I love working with people of all ages, all levels of experience, and in all styles of music. That being said, below are the three types of folks who I end up working with most often.

If you think your situation is unique, feel free to get in touch for a chat to see if I can help with your specific needs and desires. I welcome anyone from any background and with any story.
Adult Beginners
Maybe you used to sing when you were younger.  Maybe someone told you you couldn’t sing, so you stopped using your voice for many years.  Maybe you’ve never sung in front of anyone before in your life, but something in your heart tells you that singing will bring you joy.  Maybe you just want to be able to do karaoke with your friends, or jam around the fire with your housemates.  I love helping adults rediscover their voice and a love of music. Do you think you might be tone deaf?  It’s statistically unlikely. Would you expect someone who’s never had a violin lesson to be able to play in tune?  Singing is a physical skill like any other, and all you need is the right guidance to learn how to control & strengthen your vocal muscles, and time spent singing & listening to music to help attune your aural brain.
Professional Performers
I’m passionate about our local music community. I love working with my colleagues in this exciting and challenging industry to help them keep their voice healthy and safe while performing and recording. Often, musically talented folks get by with the vocal sounds we’re naturally good at, but if you’d love to broaden the palette of colours you have to paint with, and there’s some tonal qualities you’ve just never been confident with, let’s have a chat and let’s see if I can help you access those sounds with more ease. 
Additionally, if you’ve been experiencing vocal fatigue or health issues while gigging or recording, or you’re tired of feeling puffed out on stage and singing just feels like hard work, I can help you with these issues too.
These things also apply to speech – actors, teachers, and anyone else who used their voice a lot in their work are also most welcome to get in touch.
Talented T(w)eens
If your child is around the age of 11 and up, and they love music, I love that you want to encourage their passion.  Whether or not music becomes a career choice, it’s a valuable skill and a wonderful outlet for the creative brain and emotional self expression.  If they are already singing along and have some favourite artists, I’ll be excited to help them nurture their voice, keep it safe and healthy, discover new music, and grow their confidence both onstage and off. 
For more info, check out my FAQ or click here to book a Discovery Call and get started!

“After having lessons with Bec my ability to control my voice is a lot stronger and my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. I’m looking forward to having a go at an open mic, which I would never have done otherwise. To top it all I usually leave with sore cheeks from laughing – thanks for the fun and professional lessons Bec.”
Sophie Buttery

Do you have a secret, yearning desire to sing…
but you’d be too nervous to sing in front of a teacher,
or be heard practicing at home? 

I made a special free resource just for you. Click the image below to download the Secret Sound Excursion, and you can book in a call with me to hear more about my online course, Secret Singing Lessons!


“Thank you Bec for your down-to-earth, friendly and fun teaching style. Your lessons were personalised to be exactly what I needed, a great balance of theory, practice and song.

You got this shy girl to open up and start to knock down her fears and really enjoy singing again.

I look forward to working with you again when I’m back.”

– Mel Venn