This is my first attempt at singing, so I was terrified and worried about falling into lame scales and boring singing exercises. I am very impressed and feel lucky to have Bec’s guidance in the last semester. What makes Bec exceptional is that she does not tell you the “right” way to sing, but rather explains different singing styles and fully understands what is happening in all of the components of the vocal instrument (larynx, tongue, air pressure, muscles and mechanisms involved, etc..)  I found this very useful to play around with different sounds and explore my capabilities. So far she has helped me to extend my range and get more confidence with singing. A delight to witness her mastery, not only in teaching, but also with practical examples using her own voice or recordings from representative artists. Most importantly, she teaches how to avoid injuries and her classes are very fun!”
Simon Salinas


“After booking my first lesson with Bec, I couldn’t have been more nervous or unsure of what to expect from it. Ten lessons down and I am thoroughly glad I didn’t back out. In the lessons we’ve had so far I’ve progressed far more rapidly and learnt more about how to sing well, than I have in all my life. Bec’s thorough understanding of your voice’s anatomy, and the mechanisms that drive it, really help to build a solid foundation for improvement. I find working with her is a relaxed and professional, yet challenging and productive experience. So practice what she preaches as often as possible and I guarantee you WILL hear the results of your hard work. Also your neighbours might thank you.”
 Josh Williams


Having lessons with Bec has not only taught me so much about the anatomy of my voice but also taught me to have more confidence in myself. Bec is positive, knowledgeable and we are constantly laughing in our lessons together! Thank you for been an awesome teacher and making me want to learn and SING more!”
Megan Scholey


“In the past I have travelled many times to USA to have very expensive lessons with some of the biggest celebrity vocal coaches.   Even though I tried many famous vocal coaches and their methods for many years, the results would vary and would not last long.
I came across Bec while searching for different techniques.  After few weekly lessons with Bec addressing my vocal weakness like a targeted laser, I noticed dramatic improvement in my voice. 

This was also validated by feedback I received from people who heard improvement in my singing. All of a sudden people that generally didn’t want me to sing lead, suddenly wanted me to lead over other singers. 

The improvement in 1-2 months with Bec was than most of my years combined under other leading voice coaches.”


“I found Bec at a workshop she was running, and learned more in 2 hours, about my voice as an instrument, than I could have hoped to learn! After that workshop, I knew she’d be a great choice to have as a vocal coach. Her lessons are packed full of practical information, she explains everything thoroughly and in complete detail, she has a wealth of knowledge and skill, and is wonderful, patient and comfortable to learn from. My confidence and technique have both soared since taking lessons from her. I would recommend her time and time again!”
Marie Findlay

“Bec provides a very thorough overview of how the voice works and how to get the most out of your voice. Bec teaches unique techniques that assist you to overcome any particular challenges you may be having with your singing practice.   Thanks Bec, I definitely feel more confident with my singing since I have been seeing you.”
Kristy Hobson


“I always look forward to lessons with Bec. She’s fantastic to work with. She has a really fun, positive and genuine way of relating to me as a student, and the lessons are individually designed. She keeps great records and regularly informs me of my progress. I highly recommend her!”
Tabitha Fletcher


“Bec Tilley has always listened, not just to what my voice is doing when I sing, but also listened to my thoughts on what I want to do with my voice. Bec has always been able to give me practical advice, that I understand, without hesitation, then show that it works. Bec has been ready to work on as many aspects of singing as I’ve been able to think of: the anatomical, the emotional, rhythm, clarity, strength, performance, practice and every time I’ve come up with something else, Bec has been ready to share ideas and show me ways to improve from the level I’m at. Most importantly, Bec has really encouraged me with her positive manner, by her thoughtful perception and, amazingly, by using my own voice to demonstrate its own possibilities.”
Paul McNally


“After having lessons with Bec my ability to control my voice is a lot stronger and my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. I’m looking forward to having a go at an open mic, which I would never have done otherwise. To top it all I usually leave with sore cheeks from laughing – thanks for the fun and professional lessons Bec.”
Sophie Buttery


“Working with Bec has helped me improve on both my technique and my confidence. She’s such an awesome, down to earth and encouraging teacher. Singing has become a passion and Bec’s fantastic teaching has helped me so much along the way!”
Ruby Jay


“Thanks for all that you have done for my daughter in the latter part of this year.  She has loved your sessions and has come home with a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment – you can’t really ask for much more than that.”
Lisa Mooney 


“Thank you Bec for your down-to-earth, friendly and fun teaching style. Your lessons were personalised to be exactly what I needed, a great balance of theory, practice and song.

You got this shy girl to open up and start to knock down her fears and really enjoy singing again.

I look forward to working with you again when I’m back.”
Mel Venn


“…I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts to improve my singing and vocal performance. You were an amazing mentor and teacher, who got the best out of myself.

You were so thorough and meticulous in your approach and your lessons were always worthwhile. I always looked forward to Wednesdays as I knew that I would learn a new technique that would allow me to be a more efficient and relaxed singer. Your ability to teach these techniques in such a short period of time was outstanding.

Your care for your students was so evident during the showcases, where you demonstrated great pride and empathy.
I feel very privileged to have worked with you, even if for a short period of time.”
Sam Morey


“I look forward to every singing lesson with Bec. I had never had singing lessons before and was nervous but Bec is very patient and explains the basics clearly and in detail. I get to sing the songs I want to sing. Every lesson is fun!”
Anne Brewer


“I am so glad I discovered Bec. I have found Bec to be a great singing and vocal teacher and mentor. She has taught me so much about my voice, and the anatomy behind it, and how to practise properly and sing . I always look forward to each lesson where I am always learning and can’t wait for my lessons with Bec to begin in 2017.”
Chris Trim


Anonymous responses from student survey, 2017:

“Bec has a lovely manner, puts you at ease, and regularly checks in with how you’re going. She is very open to suggestions on the content of lessons.”


“I like Bec’s style of teaching where you can practice your vocal range.”


“Bec is a terrific vocal/singing teacher. Makes you feel comfortable – she goes through technical matters and vocal exercises brilliantly. I have learned so much from her and continue to do she is always there to help you and answer your questions.”


“Definitely helped me reach those high notes!”


“Bec does a really good job of making me feel comfortable in the space, which can be difficult at times as I’m not the world’s most confident performer.”


“You do a great job- love your professionalism when it comes to the business side of things- clarity around payment, class timing, what we can work on and why we are working on it. You’re warm and compassionate, this makes trying things that feel challenging, a bit easier. I’ve grown in leaps and bounds and have found an ability to play with my voice that I’ve never had before. Thanks Bec!”