Bec Tilley


Photo by Freya Lillian Monk


Are you looking for fun and relaxed voice coaching that leads to real results & understanding?

Have you experienced vocal teaching that focuses exclusively on “diaphragmatic breathing” and singing scales?  Is “supporting the breath” actually helping you hit those high notes and achieve a strong sound?  Or do you have a feeling there might be more to it than that? Do you feel like you have the potential for a better or stronger sound inside you, but just can’t get it out?

Breathing is important, of course – but there’s so much more to versatile, healthy, strong singing. Do you know what causes vocal damage and how to avoid it?  Did you know you can control the individual mechanisms in your larynx to make singing freer, easier, and more safe? Do you know what actually happens to your vocal folds when you change from “chest voice” to “head voice”?

My name is Bec Tilley, and I’m a singing teacher & voice coach based in Melbourne (and regularly visiting Hobart).  Gaining a true understanding of the way the voice works has changed my life and my voice,  and I’ve seen and heard the same remarkable effect from my students – whether they are complete beginners to singing, or advanced, Conservatorium-trained, and professional vocalists.

In one lesson, I can teach you how to control one of many simple physical mechanisms in your voice which can potentially open up a whole new world of possibility of freedom, health, versatility, and power.  My goal is to make every lesson valuable, enjoyable, and not waste your time and money with exercises-for-the-sake of-exercises… I want to empower you to become the kind of singer you want to be.

And it has to be FUN, or else why bother?!

Singing doesn’t have to be a frustrating pursuit, a trial-and-error practice that leaves you feeling like you’re stuck forever with the apparent limitations of your voice.  Esoteric and vague instructions and imagery are often used in the singing world, which might mean different things to different people, and often leave vocalists confused as to what exactly they’re supposed to be doing.

If you want to get real results from your practice, you don’t want to waste time & money.  Imagine understanding exactly what you need to practice in order to achieve the particular sound you’re chasing, or move past the one limitation that has frustrated you for years!

This approach is equally valuable to those with many years of singing experience as it is to complete beginners to singing.  It is also applicable to strengthening and improving the speaking voice in any context.

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