Your social and professional status is conveyed by your voice – is yours letting you down?

Your voice and the way you speak affects the way you are perceived by peers, employers, colleagues, employees, customers, and clients. Is your voice telling the truth about your capabilities?

If your work involves a lot of speaking, meetings, phone calls or presentations, or if you have to project your voice in a loud environment, such as a factory, classroom, gym, or sports field, I can help you.

Imagine the ease that would come into your work if you could speak all day without your voice becoming tired, hoarse, or completely lost. Imagine the increased power of your ideas, presentations, or sales pitch if you have a flexible and natural command of the tone of your voice.

I’m Bec Tilley, and I’m passionate about improving people’s confidence and quality of life through the way they use their voice, helping them learn natural and strong voice control, whether it’s for singing or for speech.

Our voice is connected to our psychology, neurology, and whole body physiology. I look at both the larynx (voice box) in close-up, as well as the body and self in a holistic way; and encourage them to inform each other.

I have been a singer my entire life, and graduated with a Bachelor of Music and Diploma of Music Performance in contemporary voice. I then went on to study the Estill Voice Training Model, which applies scientific knowledge of anatomy to functional vocal technique. My study of vocal anatomy & techniques is ongoing and obsessive, and I relish any opportunity to discuss with and learn from other vocal professionals.