Welcome!  If you’re looking for a singing teacher in Melbourne, this page contains the important practical details which you might need to know about taking private vocal lessons with me.

Your first lesson is half price so that you can get a feel for my approach and make an informed decision; I encourage you to try a few different teachers to find the one that clicks for you.

Click on any of the headings below, and for more information, including pricing, please email me at or click on Book A Lesson above.



As well as ensuring I provide you with the best information, knowledge, exercises and lesson quality I can, I also endeavour to provide a number of additional services to thank you for sharing your vocal journey with me!

If you refer a friend to me, and your friend signs up for at least 5 lessons, you receive a free 30min!

Regular students receive an invitation to an exclusive Facebook group which includes myself, other regular students, and my peers in vocal education, for discussing various aspects of vocal physiology, technique and performance. The most fun part is usually analysing YouTube performances of famous singers together!

I organise regular performance nights for those who would like to get some practice singing in front of others.  These are completely optional, collaborative, supportive environments and you can just come along to listen.

Mentorship:  For professional vocalists or others who may have an important audition, performance, or recording coming up, we can arrange specialised intensive sessions, either longer or more regular sessions, with a structured plan to work towards your specific vocal goals.




My approach focuses on vocal technique, to empower you to have an understanding and control of your instrument;  but we will also work on the performance, artistry, and mental side of singing.  I have learnt many techniques from many different teachers over the years and will use whatever approach will best suit your learning style and goals!

Just some of the material we can cover includes:

How your vocal folds (aka vocal cords) actually produce sound

What your voice is actually doing when you go between “head voice”, “chest voice”, “falsetto” etc, and how to control these changes and access areas of your voice you haven’t previously been able to sing in

Smoothing over the passagio/break/bridge between registers

What vocal techniques you are already using and what your habits & default settings are

What causes vocal damage and how to prevent it

How to get more strength/power/volume from the voice

How to make high notes easier, less strained, and better-sounding

Increased vocal control and agility

How to utilise a wide palette of vocal colours/tones/timbres for a variety of styles

Healthy & functional breathing for different kinds of tasks

Enunciation & clarity

Postural alignment & releasing extraneous tension

How to analyse your own voice and self-assess, as well as analyse other singers


Moving away from mimicking, and finding your own sound

Vocal and physical stretches, warm-ups, and vocal health practices

Getting comfortable on stage, performance technique, microphone technique, preparing for a performance

Getting past that one area of your voice that frustrates you, whatever it may be!